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OccluSense ® - Innovative System for digital Occlusion Test The new system, developed by Bausch, combines the traditional and digital registration of the pressure distribution of the occlusal surfaces. For more information, go to

Exhibitor: Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG

HyFlex EDM

Up to 700% higher fracture resistance Specially hardened surface Less filing required for treatment success The new HyFlex EDM files constitute the 5th generation root canal files. HyFlex EDM NiTi files have completely new properties due to their innovative manufacturing process using electric...

Exhibitor: Coltène/Whaledent

AUSTROMAT i Highlights

Highlights: • Capacitive multi-touch panel • 10,4" high resolution Display • Revolutionary, easy to use Pad Operation • Soft touch Lift Movement • Internet Database Connection • Remote Control via Network • Integrated Tele Service • Quality...

Exhibitor: DEKEMA Dental-Keramiköfen GmbH

RatioPlant Avantgarde-PLUS

The latest baby from the HumanTech R&D-Team is called RatioPlant Avantgarde-PLUS. From now on this novel type of a dental implant, with all its unique features can be used. The CE-approval was granted on 27.7.2017 from the notified body. With its outstanding biomechanical advantages,...

Exhibitor: HumanTech Germany GmbH

Occlusal Reduction Kit & Tapered Occlusal Reduction Kit

The Occlusal Reduction Kit allows precise occlusal reductions to be carried out. Thanks to the unique, angled depth stops a precisely defined removal is possible. T he vertical orientation provides for good access to fissures. A crosshatched pattern is formed on the occlusal surface that, when...

Exhibitor: Hager & Meisinger GmbH

Tungsten Carbide Twist finishing burs „ET Series“

MEISINGER Twist Finishing Burs „ET Series“ are highly suitable for processing of composite materials due to their precise twist angle design. The unique cutting edges ensure very smooth running so the instruments cut much finer than standard tungsten carbide finishing burs. They do...

Exhibitor: Hager & Meisinger GmbH

LUSTER® for Lithium Disilcate LUS80 and LUS100

MEISINGER LUSTER ® for Lithium Disilcate and Lithium Silicate polishing system has been specially developed for use on post crystalized Lithium Disilicate restorations. The diamond polishers included are suitable for intraoral and extraoral use. One of the keys to polishing this material...

Exhibitor: Hager & Meisinger GmbH

Tools for CAD/CAM Systems

As an innovative manufacturer of high quality rotary dental instruments NTI has launched the first 59 instruments (3 mm and 6 mm shank size) out of 179 of a new range of CAD/CAM Tools for the IDS 2017 to satisfy our claim of being a full-service provider. The range is suitable for machines...

Exhibitor: NTI-Kahla GmbH - Rotary Dental Instruments

Tungsten Carbide Cutters for PEEK & PMMA

The new QCE blade configuration enables speedy material reduction with a sharp cut without material heating. This creates a smooth material surface, so that it can then be easily polished. For separating retention bars, reducing their stubs and ajusting uneven areas in the shape. Suitable for...

Exhibitor: NTI-Kahla GmbH - Rotary Dental Instruments

NEW Milling Technique Cutters for NP Alloys

Even in the CAD/CAM era, fixed-removable restorations using telescope crowns or milled shoulders for bracing units are an indispensible part of the daily routine of laboratories. The surface quality is an important criterion for achieving perfect anti-friction properties. Two new cutters with...

Exhibitor: NTI-Kahla GmbH - Rotary Dental Instruments

AXIOCOMP - The First Digital SAM Articulator

AXIOCOMP The First Digital SAM Articulator is A Software for Study, Teaching, Documentation and Patient Education. The Digital Function Suite has many Numerous Modules and the download is for free. Free Features All Setting Options are like in the Analog Device. You can cross fading with...

Exhibitor: SAM Präzisionstechnik GmbH

L Protect SH-D - The ultimate combination of protection and illumination

NEW: Individual positioning and flexible placement. L Protect SH-D offers a unique combination of modern, energy-saving workstation illumination and a protective glass pane. Equipped with highly efficient SMD-LED‘s, L Protect offers an exceptional illumination of the working area...

Exhibitor: Schick GmbH


VITA SMART.FIRE is a firing unit developed specifically for dental practices for the crystallization, glaze, stain, and corrective firing of all common chairside materials. Selecting the materials and starting the program are done in just one step. Optimally, customized material-specific...

Exhibitor: VITA Zahnfabrik

VITA Easyshade V

VITA Easyshade ® V With the new VITA Easyshade V, high-precision VITA vEye technology ensures that the digital focus remains squarely on tooth-shade determination and communication. The user-oriented operating concept is rounded off perfectly by a brilliant color OLED touch display that...

Exhibitor: VITA Zahnfabrik

VITA Akzent Plus

Greater freedom for your practice and laboratory Are you looking for a simple yet effective approach to stain glazing, coloring and glazing? Then VITA AKZENT Plus is the product line for you. This system, comprised of stain glazing, masking and glazing shades, offers unbeatable freedom for...

Exhibitor: VITA Zahnfabrik

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