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Every ceramic restoration is unique: In aesthetics, precision and function – a work of art that approximates nature as closely as possible. Creative freedom is therefore the highest goal of DEKEMA. Our dental ceramic and high temperature furnaces offer maximum reliability, dependable performance and consistent quality of results, which combine to yield superior prosthetics.

DEKEMA has a long tradition of being a forerunner and innovator on an international level. We have decades of experience with every component of our products. As a fully independent manufacturer, we are equally experienced with the full range of ceramic framework and veneer materials. For many experts on every continent DEKEMA is the first choice.

Experience the world of DEKEMA every day in your laboratory or milling center. Our partners also offer the highest level of service. Fast support is a matter of course. The high degree of satisfaction of our customers throughout the world did not come about by chance.

Products and services

‘AUSTROMAT’, paragon of quality. Perfect firing results with the 624, or the stand-alone upwards pressing system of the 654, the press-i-dent, leading to absolute unique perfection. Multi-color pressing? Of course! Several color pressings simultaneously? Supplied by the 654 press-i-dent and trixpress.In 2015 DEKEMA refreshed the series 6 furnace line significantly, now completely prepared for the digital dental lab. And AUSTROMAT 664 and 674 extend DEKEMA high temperature furnaces to ceramic furnace size with huge capacity. All series 6 furnaces offer optional network capabilities, combined with excellent operation. Furnace handling via smartphone or tablet? It’s easy! Since IDS 2017, DEKEMA offers the program streaming within the new series i furnace line. No programming at all! Just start the cycle through the internet. This means, with a series i furnace, you automatically work with the latest program cycles available. Select and start – smart!
AUSTROMAT 624 / 654 press-i-dent

This working horse is equipped with newest technology.The 654 includes the innovative controlled, electro-mechanical upwards-pressing Propulsion.It opens the mind of a dental technician to a world of unique pressing possibilities.Multicolor multi ingot pressings supply efficiency you not even dreamed of.And still it is equipped with a closed firing chamber.No hole on top,no cold spots,delivering the homogeneous temperature distribution needed for perfect firing every layered dental restoration.

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AUSTROMAT 664 / 674

Merging user-oriented operation, short sintering cycles, lowest energy consumption and a very small footprint. Materialized through the AUSTROMAT 664 and AUSTROMAT 674. The DEKEMA specific SiC heating technology makes it possible. Approximately twenty copings or restorations with up to six units can by reliably sintered in one level in a 664. The 674 even sinters whole blanks. Up to 1.530 °C, optionally 1.560°C, optionally 2 level sintering.

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AUSTROMAT i-furnaces

Join the world of digital dentistry with your program streaming furnace:
• Capacitive multi-touch panel
• 10,4" high resolution Display
• Revolutionary, easy to use Pad Operation
• Soft touch Lift Movement
• Internet Database Connection
• Remote Control via Network
• Integrated Tele Service
• Quality Management
• Software Update Backup via Internet
• Aluminum Housing in Black and Silver

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