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NTI-Kahla GmbH is a German manufacturer and world-wide supplier of high quality rotary instruments used in the dental office and dental laboratory. Since 1996, NTI has received international recognition for its product innovations, exceptional quality, and outstanding service levels, earning its reputation as the Total Rotary Solution.

Products and services

1.Diamond instruments (grinder, abacus, diamond dics, strips);
2.Sintered diamonds (SuperMax, AllCeramic SuperMax);
3.Instruments for trimming zirconia;
4.Tungsten carbide burs, Tungsten carbide cutters, Crown cutters, finishing carbide burs;
5.Milling technique;
6.Surgical instruments (including tissue trimmer);
9.Abrasives with ceramic bond;
10.Endodontic instruments;
11.Root-Post Restoration System / Parapulpal retention pins (including FiberMaster);
12.Dowel pins and Equipment;
13.Steel burs;
14.Sets and bur block for the dentist and the laboratory;
HP Diamonds for Trimming Zirconia

The design of Z-Cut instruments is coordinated to the extreme hardness of the new ceramics. This provides much longer service lives and a much higher cutting capacity than standard instruments. The specially selected shapes are coordinated to the specifications of the material manufacturer and facilitate final finishing.

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6mm wide Perforated Diamond Finishing Strips

Based on the success of the 6 mm Diamond strips, perforations were incorporated due to popular demand. The new perforated diamond strips adapt particularly flexibly to the surface of the crown. This makes it easier to adapt the proximal contact points of ceramic crowns.
Higher reduction is achieved with the aid of the perforation. The round design of the perforations provides stability to the strips. Selected grit size in three stages ensures application tailored to the situation.

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NEW Tungsten Carbide Cutters for NP Alloys

The instruments optimised cutting geometry ensures the high removal of material. Gentle working pressure produces a previously unobtainable, perfectly uniform surface on NP alloys which makes polishing easier. No chipping of the cutting edges for a long service life.

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News & Innovations

NEW Milling Technique Cutters for NP Alloys
Even in the CAD/CAM area, fixed-removable restorations using telescope crowns or milled shoulders for bracing units are an indispensible part of the daily routine of laboratories. The surface quality is an important criterion for achieving perfect anti-friction properties. Two new cutters with blades, which are matched to the properties of non-precious alloys, produce reliable results in the shortest time. The cutter with the orange ring ensures rapid reduction, while leaving a smooth surface. The yellow-ring cutter smoothes and polishes the alloy.
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Tungsten Carbide Cutters for PEEK & PMMA
The new QCE blade configuration enables speedy material reduction with a sharp cut without material heating. This creates a smooth material surface, so that it can be easily polished. For separating retention bars, reducing their stubs and ajusting uneven areas in the shape. Suitable for material-friendly preparation of all thermoplastic materials, not only for PEEK and PMMA but also for nylon etc.

Only apply light pressure during trimming!

PEEK = Polyether ether ketone
PMMA = Polymethyl methacrylate
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Trimming of titanium
Titanium is a very special material with high Elasticity modulus and thermoconductivity with high strength and fracture strain. These characteristics need special instruments. Diamond grit has chemical reaction with titanium. Diamond instruments are not state of the art.
The angles of the toothing for trimming and shaping are specially made for titanium. NTI-Kahla well known as producer of quality TC-instruments since many years offers three different types for this problem. The GTi is for coarse preparation. QF the fine toothing smoothens the surface. The QSF the superfine toothing prepare the titanium perfect for polishing

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