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Schick Dental – 50 years of Innovation

The product portfolio of Schick Dental is including a complete range of dental handpiece motors to fulfil all the requirements of the dental technicians - the QUBE II, Q Profi and Q Basic series.

For comfortable and precise model processing Schick is offering the innovative G2 model saw.

The S1, S2 and S3 milling machines and the extensive range of milling accessories have set new standards for dental milling technology.

Schick Dental has created another landmark in the milling of high performance ceramics - the S Ceramic Milling Set.

World first products like the QUBE Assist, the L Protect and L Protect SH-D plus the air puffer are completing our product range.

Schick-Create the future.

Products and services

Q Basic:
With a speed range from 1,000 – 40,000 rpm and 6.7 Ncm of torque, the Q Basic is ideally suited for all kinds of work in the laboratory. The simple, reliable and robust technology of the Q Basic rises up to even the most challenging conditions.

G2 Model Saw:
The Schick G2 Model Saw brings a higher level of accuracy to sectioning dies by cutting from below the model for clean and precise saw cuts that do not damage the preparation boundary. Sensor technology ensures a high standard of safety (two- hand safety circuit).

S3 Master:
The S3-Master from Schick is the world’s most advanced milling unit. It offers unparalleled features and the complete solution for even the most demanding milling tasks.

S1 Basic:
The Schick Dental S1 Basic is a simple, affordable, universal milling machine distinguished by its high quality guidance. The S1 Basic is perfect for any lab as it can complete multiple tasks.

Q Basic

The Q Basic brushless mircomotor is built using technology that is optimized to deliver unequaled performance and balance to users. It provides technicians ample power while running ultra-smooth, quiet and cool. The Q Basic Tabletop version offers a traditional style handpiece system with a dynamic foot switch for control of speed from 1,000 – 40,000 rpm and 6.7 Ncm of torque

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G2 Concept Model Saw

G2 Concept saw with segmented diamond sawblade and line-marking laser. Performs all types of saw cut without damaging the preparation boundary. Sensor technology ensures a high standard of safety (two- hand safety circuit).

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S1 Basic

The S1 Basic unit is a simple, universal milling machine distinguished by its high quality guidance. Whether surveying, transferring, blocking out or milling - The S1 Basic unit does it all. The S1 Basic fuses the S1 Basic base unit together with Schick's motor technology to create a complete unit for all your needs.

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News & Innovations

L Protect and L Protect SH-D - The ultimate combination of protection and illumination

L Protect SH-D offers a unique combination of modern, energy-saving workstation illumination and a protective glass pane. Equipped with highly efficient SMD-LED‘s, L Protect offers an exceptional illumination of the working area without irritating shadows. At the same time it ensures a maximum occupational safety.

You can adjust the L Protect SH-D in every position due to its adjustable and robust arm.

The LED frame and protective glass can be easily separated. With an illuminance of 2,500 Lux (brighter than two 60W light bulbs) and minimum energy requirements of 8 watts, L Protect is an economical alternative to conventional workplace lighting systems.

L Protect SH-D offers a lot of advantages:
• Individually and simply adjustable
• Flexible positioning due to the table clamp and table mount
• Bright and shadow-free Illumination
• Long-lasting and energy-saving SMD-LED‘s
• Special protective glass pane
• Easy handling

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