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We develop biocompatible silicones and light curing 3D resins for dental and other medical applications. As a medium-sized company of the dental industry we rely on a high degree of specialization, well above-average investment in development and dedicated employees. Our enthusiasm and innovative strength lie in every single product. The polymer chemistry of material science is our universe and power unit for safe, long-lasting, sustainable materials with significant product value and 4.0 compatibility. Our business relationships are built upon appreciation, integrity and intercultural expertise. The rest is chemistry – with passion!

Products and services

  • Impression materials (A-silicone, C-silicone)
  • Bite registration
  • Soft relining
  • Prevention & regeneration
  • Temporary treatment
  • Liquids & solutions
  • Laboratory products
  • 3D Resins



Freeprint®: Premium resins for all open printing systems: prosthetic models, cast objects, clear-transparent resins for biocompatible surgical guides and splints, orthodontic regulations (DIN) for basic elements, long-term temporary C&B composite and treatments in full prosthetics, individual and functional trays.

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Long-term relining material for chairside use, A-silicone based, permanently soft, cold curing. Secure bonding to the denture acrylic. For manual mixing, mixing ratio 1:1. Biocompatible, taste-and odourless. Also suitable for application with the indirect technique.
Colour: gingiva.

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Deatseal® hydroflow

-Multi conceptional system materials for the double mix technique, correctional and monophase impression taking – putty & mono now also in 5:1
-Selectable viscosities and setting times
-Perfect Flow – thixotropic adjustment with magnificent flowing characteristics
-Ultimate hydrophilicity, highest wetting ability immediately after mixing with a contact angle <10°
-Thermo sensitive setting characteristic for a secure working time
- Excellent tear strength and ultimate elongation

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